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Prof. Clemence Zimudzi


PhD University of Zimbabwe, 1993; BSc Hons (Biological Sciences), University of Zimbabwe, 1987.

Academic Appointments:

Senior Lecturer

Research Interests:

Hypoxidaceae and Amaryllidaceae in the Flora Zambesiaca area; Conservation, ethnobotany and biological properties of the endemic flora on the serpentine soils of the Great Dyke of Zimbabwe.

Faculty: Science
Department: Biological Sciences and Ecology
Research Category: Bioscience

Professor Clemence Zimudzi Senior Lecturer in botany at the University of Zimbabwe. He holds doctorate degree and has taught in this University for 14 years. He has taught for three years at the National University of Lesotho. Research area over the years has largely been on the biodiversity of petaloid monocots but recently interests have slightly shifted to natural plant products phytochemical and pharmacological evaluations focussing mainly on local endemic plants. He has published extensively in the areas of petaloid monocots and recently has set up a research group on natural products.

Phone: +263 242 303211

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