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Dr. Sharon Hofisi


Doctor of Philosophy in Law ,University of Pretoria; Masters of Science in International Relations,(University of Zimbabwe; LLM (UZ), LLBS (Hons.) Law University of Zimbabwe, Bachelor of Arts in Theology (CCC); Diploma in Social and Economic Rights ,Abo Akademi University; Diploma in Christian Leadership and Religious Studies (AMFCC); Certificate in Film and Television,University of Zimbabwe; Basic Counseling Certificate, University of Zimbabwe and Msasa Project.

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Research Interests:

Transitional justice, institutional law and development, child development, Religion and law, sociology of law, social work and social policy, vulnerable and key populations, international refugee law, strategic impact litigation, constitutional analysis, African and United Nations human rights systems, International human rights, international humanitarian law, environmental law, international trade law.

Faculty: Social And Behavioural Sciences
Department: Department of Governance and Public Management
Research Category: Law

Dr Sharon Hofisi holds a P.h.D. in law from the University of Pretoria and LLM, MSCIR and LLBS from the University of Zimbabwe (UZ). He is a trans-disciplinary researcher and positive change enthusiast and teaches international law, administrative law and international trade law in the Governance and Public Management Department at the University of Zimbabwe. He has consulted for Parliament of Zimbabwe, ZIMCODD and AFRODAD. He has published works in journal articles and book chapters on many trans-disciplinary issues such as transitional justice, social policy, law, elections, politics and public administration. He authored a book: Student’s Sourcebook on State Legal Liability and is working on the book: The Missing Middle. Hofisi organized a workshop on Tokyo International Conference on Africa’s Development at the UZ where Professor Sadaharu Kataoka from Waseda University in Japan presented. Hofisi is also a notary public, conveyancer and lawyer and amassed significant experience when he worked in the Ministry of Justice as a public prosecutor, in private practice with several law firms and as a senior projects lawyer with the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights. He also vitalises consultancy work for state and non-state institutions, including research institutes and volunteer-driven institutions.


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