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Dr. Farisai Chidzwondo


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), MSc in Biotechnology, UZ (1990-2005)

Academic Appointments:


Research Interests:

Plant lectins, Control of gene expression, Immunochemical techniques

Faculty: Science
Department: Biotechnology and Biochemistry
Research Category: Bioscience

Dr Chidzwondo holds a DPhil in Science from the University of Zimbabwe. She is a plant molecular biologist with hands-on experience in gene sequencing, mutagenesis, expression and purification of proteins. She also has wide-ranging experience with biochemical and immunological techniques including the raising of polyclonal antibodies. Currently she is acquiring basic training in bioinformatics and biosafety. She is interested in research focused on the isolation and characterization of lectins in wild plants for use in medical research and in developing diagnostic tools for the detection of bean diseases.

Phone: +263 242 303211

1. Chidzwondo, F., De Greve, H., Van Driessche, E., Read, J.S., Sithole-Niang, I and Beeckmans, S. (2011) Expression of the cDNA encoding the Pterocarpus angolensis (mukwa) seed lectin in Escherichia coli. Journal of Applied Science in Southern Africa, in press
2. Zvidzai, C., Muzhinji, N., Chidzvondo, F., Mundembe R. and Sithole-Niang, I. (2007). Potential commercialization of a microbial medium formulated from industrial food waste. African Journal of Microbiology Research 1 (6), 079-087.
3. Marondedze, C., Chidzwondo, F., Sithole-Niang, I and Read, J.S. (2006). Biochemical and molecular characterisation of the seed lectin found in Pterocarpus rotundifolius. Journal of Applied Science in Southern Africa, 12 (1).
4. Chidzwondo, F., Dietrich, A. and Sithole-Niang, I. (2000). Mae 1 assay for scoring atrazine resistance is codon-usage dependent in legumes. Journal of Applied Science in Southern Africa, 6(1), 17-23.
5. Mukorah, F., Razunguzwa, B. and Masola B. (1998) Stabilization of rat liver mitochondrial alanine aminotransferase with ethanol and trehalose. Cryobiology, 37 (4), 30-308.

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