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Prof. Stanley Mukanganyama


Postdoctoral studies at the Department of Chemical Pathology at the University of Cape Town; DPhil (Biochemistry) Uppsala University; MPhil, (Biochemistry) University of Zimbabwe,

Academic Appointments:

Senior Lecturer

Research Interests:

Biochemical Pharmacology, Biochemistry

Faculty: Science
Department: Biotechnology and Biochemistry
Research Category: Bioscience

Professor Stanley Mukanganyama joined the University of Zimbabwe in the Department of Biochemistry as a Teaching Assistant on 01 April 1991 and enrolled as a part-time MPhil student. In 1996 he converted his studies to DPhil which he carried out as sandwich programme with Uppsala University, Sweden. He successfully completed his DPhil studies in 1999. In February 2001 he was appointed as a lecturer in the Department of Biochemistry. He was promoted to Senior Lecturer on 2 February 2008 and to the Associate Professor grade on 1 January 2013. Professor Mukanganyama served as the acting Chairperson of the Department of Biochemistry from July-November 2011. He was appointed the substantive Chairperson of the Department of Biochemistry from 1 November 2011 until present. He is the past President of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society of Zimbabwe (BMBSZ) from 2010-2013, and is the In-country President of the Natural Products Research of Eastern and Central Africa (NAPRECA) Zimbabwe Chapter. Professor Mukanganyama is also the Acting Secretary-General of the Federation of the African Societies of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (FASBMB). His area of specialisation is Biochemical Pharmacology where he is involved in the scientific evaluation and validation of efficacy of medicinal chemicals from plants from Zimbabwe.

Phone: +263 774 863 465

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14. Hayeshi, R, Mukanganyama, S., Hazra, B, Abegaz, B, Hasler, J. (2004). The interaction of selected natural products with human recombinant glutathione transferases. Phytotherapy Research: An International Journal Devoted to Pharmacological
15. Mukanganyama, S, Figueroa, CC, Hasler, JA, Niemeyer, HM. (2003). Effects of DIMBOA on detoxification enzymes of the aphid Rhopalosiphum padi (Homoptera: Aphididae). Journal of Insect Physiology 49 (3), 223-229
16. Mukanganyama, S, Widersten, M, Naik, YS, Mannervik, B, Hasler

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In-country President of the Natural Products Research of Eastern and Central Africa (NAPRECA) Zimbabwe Chapter
past President of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society of Zimbabwe (BMBSZ) from 2010-2013

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