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Prof. Innocent Chirisa


Full Professor in Rural and Urban Planning, University of Zimbabwe, 2017. Doctor of Philosophy in Housing and Human Environments, University of Zimbabwe, 2013. Post-Grad Diploma in Land Management & Informal Settlement Regulation, Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2009. Masters in Rural & Urban Planning, University of Zimbabwe, 2005. Bachelors in Rural & Urban Planning Honours, University of Zimbabwe, 2003

Academic Appointments:


Research Interests:

• Environmental and space stewardship: planning as the vehicle to take us there.
• Resilience and sustainability thinking in urban spaces.
• Environmental modelling informing strategic spatial plans.
• Layout design and creativity by urban designers.
• Negotiation for value in urban spaces.
• Dynamics and Influences of Migration and Commuting in Space.
• Heritage in urban and regional planning discourse

Faculty: Social And Behavioural Sciences
Department: Department of Demography Settlement & Development
Research Category: Rural and Urban Planning

Phone: +263 242-333553/303211 ext. 14007

Edited Books
1. Toriro, P., & Chirisa, I. (Eds.). (2021). Environmental Resilience: Food and the City—Zimbabwe. Amsterdam: Springer International Publishers.
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Book Chapters
1. Mutambisi, T., Chanza, N., Matamanda, A. R., Ncube, R., & Chirisa, I. (2021). Climate Change Adaptation in Southern Africa: Universalistic Science or Indigenous Knowledge or Hybrid. In W. Leal Filho, N. Ogugu, L. Adelake, D. Ayal, & I. da Silva (Eds.), African Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation (pp. 1–16). Cham: Springer.
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Journal Articles
1. Chirisa, I, & Nel, V. (2021). Resilience and climate change in rural areas: a review of infrastructure policies across global regions. Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure.
2. Kanyepe, J., Tukuta, M., & Chirisa, I. (2021). Urban Land-use and Traffic Congestion: Mapping the Interaction. Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs, 5(1), 77-84.
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4. Chirisa, Innocent, Mutambisi, T., Chivenge, M., Mabaso, E., Matamanda, A. R., & Ncube, R. (2020). The urban penalty of COVID-19 lockdowns across the globe: manifestations and lessons for Anglophone sub-Saharan Africa. GeoJournal.
5. Chigudu, A., & Chirisa, I. (2020). The quest for a sustainable spatial planning framework in Zimbabwe and Zambia. Land Use Policy, 92, 104442.
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