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Dr. Peter Chinwada


PhD in Entomology (Kenyatta University), MPhil (University of Zimbabwe), BSc Hons in Crop Science (University of Zimbabwe)

Academic Appointments:


Research Interests:

Plant protection
Integrated pest management
Crop protection
Insect ecology

Faculty: Science
Department: Biological Science and Ecology
Research Category: Bioscience

Phone: +263 242 303211

1. Machekano, H., Mvumi, B. M., Chinwada, P., Richardson-Kageler, S. J., & Rwafa, R. (2017). Efficacy of diatomaceous earths and their low-dose combinations with spinosad or deltamethrin against three beetle pests of stored-maize. Journal of Stored Products Research, 72, 128-137.
2. Sande, S., Zimba, M., Chinwada, P., Masendu, H. T., Mberikunshe, J., & Makuwaza, A. (2016). A review of new challenges and prospects for malaria elimination in Mutare and Mutasa Districts, Zimbabwe. Malaria journal, 15(1), 1-9.
3. Sande, S., Zimba, M., Chinwada, P., Masendu, H. T., & Makuwaza, A. (2016). Biting behaviour of Anopheles funestus populations in Mutare and Mutasa districts, Manicaland province, Zimbabwe: implications for the malaria control programme. Journal of vector borne diseases, 53(2), 118.
4. Sande, S., Zimba, M., Chinwada, P., Masendu, H. T., Mazando, S., & Makuwaza, A. (2015). The emergence of insecticide resistance in the major malaria vector Anopheles funestus (Diptera: Culicidae) from sentinel sites in Mutare and Mutasa Districts, Zimbabwe. Malaria journal, 14(1), 1-10.
5. Masukwedza, R., Mazarura, U., Chinwada, P., & Dimbi, S. (2013). The biology of the red and green morphs of the tobacco aphid, Myzus Persicae Nicotianae (Blackman) on flue-cured tobacco. Asian Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development, 3(393-2016-23979), 205-214.
6. Chinwada, P. (2012). Stemborer parasitism by Cotesia sesamiae and strurmiopsis parasitica and an assessment of the need to introduce cotesia flavipes into zimbabwe (Doctoral dissertation).
7. Giga, D. P., Chinwada, P., & Ampofo, J. K. O. (1993, September). Progress in bean bruchid research in SADC. In Correa cita/ion: JKO Ampofo (Ed.). Proceedings ofthe Second Meeting ofthe Pan-Aftica Working Group on Bean (p. 23).

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Fall Army Worm Compact Leader

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Fall Army Worm Compact Leader

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