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Dr. Petty Makoni


Academic Appointments:

Research Interests:

Faculty: College of Health Science
Department: Nursing Science
Research Category: Health and Medicine



Makoni P. 2002. Bioscience Module1 NSD 204. Zimbabwe Open University. Jongwe Printing and Publishing Co. ISBN 1-77938-119-0, pg1-90.(5 Units)
Makoni P. 2003. Bioscience Module II NSD 208. Zimbabwe Open University. Jongwe Printing and Publishing Co. ISBN 1-77938-373-8, pg 1-228. (10 Units)
Dube L, B. and Makoni P. 2004. Management of Health Resources. Module NSD 302. Zimbabwe Open University. Temur Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd. pg121-139. ISBN 978-0-7974-7930-2. (1 Unit)
Mhloyi M, Makoni P. and Katsinde C. 2007. HIV and AIDS Module SS314. Women’s University in Africa. ISBN 978-0-7974-7962-3. (5 Units)

Content Reviewing

Mhloyi M, Makoni P. and Katsinde C. 2007. HIV and AIDS Module SS314. Women’s University in Africa. Content reviewed the following Units- Unit 3: HIV and AIDS Preventive Strategies. Unit 6: The Impact of HIV and AIDS and Unit 7: Coping and Care. ISBN 978-0-7974-7962-3. (3 Units)
Makoni Petty IDEA - “Framework for developing internal Gender Policies for Electoral Management Bodies.” Published in 2016 online - ISBN–978-91-7671-0791 ISBN 978-91-7671-079-1

Journal Publications

Makoni P. 2001. Exploring Interactivity in Nurse Training Through Open and Distance Learning. International Journal of Open and Distance Volume 1 2001: pg31-44; ISBN 0-7974-2352-4
Makoni P. 2005. Communicating Care Through Touch. International Journal of Open and Distance Learning. Zimbabwe Open University. Volume II 2005: pg 11-14; ISBN 0-7974-2352-4
Makoni P. 2014.The impact of the composition and staffing of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission on its performance. Politeia, South African Journal for Political Science and Public Administration: Volume 33 Number 3 2014; ISBN 0256-8845.
Gundani H, Zvinavashe M, Makoni P, Mukona D, Mugadza, G, Chidara P, Muchineripi R, Fengu R, and Gwanzura L (Sept 2017) Lived Experiences of Women of the Quality of Obstetric Care Services (QOCSs) Provided at a Care Facility in Zimbabwe: A Case Study of Mabvuku. Journal of Basic and Applied Research International, 23(1): 1-12, 2017. ISSN:2395-3438 (P).
Kambondo G, Munodawafa A, Mhlanga M, Ndaimani A and Makoni P. (Oct 2017) Factors Associated with Defaulting Among Hypertensive Patients seen in Outpatient Departments in Chirumhanzu District of Midlands Province 2012. IJRDO-Journal of Health Sciences and Nursing, .Volume-2 | Issue-10 | October,2017 | Paper-1. ISSN: 2456-298X.
Kureya T, Chadambuka E, Mhlanga M, Ndaimani A, Makoni P. (Nov 2017). An Evaluation of the Malaria Surveillance Systemsof Chipinge District, Manicaland. IJHSR- International Journal of Health Sciences and Research. Vol. 7; Issue: 11 (November 2017). ISSN: 2249-9571.
Kufakunesu L, Shumba P, Kapfunde A, Zvinavashe M, Makoni P. (Nov 2017). Pre-Conception Care: Concept Analysis. IJRDO-Journal of Health Sciences and Nursing. Volume-2 | Issue-11 | November,2017 | Paper-4. ISSN: 2456-298X.
Tsomondo E, Chihava I, Zvinavashe M, Mugadza G and Makoni P. (Nov 2017). Concept on Lived Experience Parents/Guardians of Children with neurological deficits. IJRDO-Journal of Social Science and Humanities Research. Volume -2/ Issue -11/ November, 2017. ISSN: 2458-2971.
Mutyavaviri Dorcas Tatenda, Musona-Rukweza Judith, Makoni Petty, Mugadza Gladys and Kapfunde Abigail. (November 2017). Health related quality of life among adults after surgery for oesophageal cancer: A cross sectional study in Harare- Zimbabwe. IJRAMR- International Journal of Recent Advances in Multidisciplinary Research Paper 1728. Volume 04, Issue 11 November, 2017.
Sibanda S, Mundwa M, Mubatapasi C, Rukweza J, Zvinavashe M and Makoni P. (Dec 2017). Seclusion: A Concept Analysis. IJHSR- International Journal of Health Sciences and Research. Vol. 7; Issue: 12 (December 2017). ISSN: 2249-9571.
Musvipa M, Mukona D, Zvinavashe M, Ndaimani A, Makoni P. (July 2018). Knowledge of prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTC) and adherence to PMTCT Test and Treat Strategy among HIV positive pregnant women. Nova explore publications. Nova Journal of Medical and Biological Sciences. DOI: 10.20286/ nova-jmbs-070104. Vol. 7 (1) 2018:1-7

Upcoming Journal Publications – Accepted – for Publication – end of October /November 2018

2018 Patient Deterioration: Concept Paper IJRDO – Journal of Health Science and Nursing ISSN: 2456 – 298X Paper ID: 2449
2018 Pre-Conception: Concept Analysis IJSR – International Journal of Science and Research ISSN: (online): 2319 - 7064

Makoni P. 2010. Awake Sojourner This Is Not Your Rest– ISBN 978-1-77926-035-2, pg 1-90. Printed by Benaby Printing & Publishing (Pvt) Ltd. Harare. (14 chapters)

Online Publications

Makoni P. (1998). The Relationship of Patient Participation in Mobilisation on Length of Hospital Stay in Hospitalised Adult Patients with Fractured Tibia and Fibula at two Central Hospitals in Harare Zimbabwe.UZ Institutional Repository (2017).
Contributed an article for ZOU on How African Universities are responding to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in 2003 that was available at:
Makoni P. (2006). The Factors that Impact on Learning in Orphanhood in Zimbabwe. UNISA Institutional Repository (2017).

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Cultural Competence in nursing – Concept Analysis
Difficult Delivery – Concept Analysis
The Relationship between HIV Status Disclosure and Social Support among HIV and AIDS Patients –

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