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Dr. Chakare Benhura


PhD in Food Science and Technology, (2016),University of Zimbabwe; MSc in Analytical Chemistry,(1997) , University of Zimbabwe; BSc in Chemistry and Biochemistry, (1990), University of Zimbabwe

Academic Appointments:

Senior Lecturer

Research Interests:

Water quality
Food quality managemen
Development of food products from fruits and cereals
Food chemistry
Food legislation.

Faculty: Science
Department: Nutrition Dietetics and Food Sciences
Research Category: Food Science & Technology

Phone: +263242303211

1. Tinarwo, J., Mvumi, B. M., Saidi, P. T., Benhura, C., & Manditsera, F. A. (2021). Effect of heat treatment on selected macronutrients in the wild harvested edible ground cricket, Henicus whellani Chopard. International Journal of Tropical Insect Science, 1-8.
2. Matsungo, T. M., Chopera, P., Tsikayi, P., Benhura, C., & Mushonga, N. G. T. (2019). Nutritional status and lifestyle characteristics of adults aged 15-49 years living in Harare, Zimbabwe. Central African Journal of Medicine, 65(1-3), 10-14
3. Pisa, P. T., Landais, E., Margetts, B., Vorster, H. H., Friedenreich, C. M., Huybrechts, I., ... & Slimani, N. (2018). Inventory on the dietary assessment tools available and needed in africa: a prerequisite for setting up a common methodological research infrastructure for nutritional surveillance, research, and prevention of diet-related non-communicable diseases. Critical reviews in food science and nutrition, 58(1), 37-61.
4. Benhura, C., Kugara, J., Muchuweti, M., Nyagura, S. F., Gombiro, P. E., & Dotito, P. (2016). Effect of drying temperature on the content of reducing sugars in syrup of Parinari curatellifolia Planch. ex Benth. fruit and cereal based products, zvambwa.
5. Muchuweti, Maud & Mushonga, Nyasha & Gombiro, Power & Benhura, Chakare & Nyandoro, George & Chagomoka, Takemore & Manyisa, Vimbainashe & Matavire, Sharonrose. (2015). A narrative review of food and nutrition insecurity status among children aged 6-11 years..
6. Benhura, C., Kugara, J., Muchuweti, M., Nyagura, S. F., Matarise, F., Gombiro, P. E., & Nyandoro, G. (2015). Drying kinetics of syrup of Parinari curatellifolia fruit and cereal based product, zvambwa. Journal of food science and technology, 52(8), 4965-4974.
7. Mazarura, U., Benhura, C., Mushonga, G. N., & Chipurura, B. Linking Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Security in Zimbabwe: 2015-2018.
8. Benhura, C., Benhura, M. A. N., Muchuweti, M., & Gombiro, P. E. (2014). Assessment of the colour of Parinari curatellifolia fruit using an image processing computer software package. International Journal of Agricultural and Food Research, 2(4).

9. Gombiro, P. E., Mukaro, J., Mugadza, K., Ashley, G., Zaranyika, M. F., & Benhura, C. (2014). Drinking water quality assessment in Zimbabwe: a case study of bottled drinking water from selected retail outlets in Harare. Journal of Chemical, Biological and Physical Sciences (JCBPS), 4(3), 2691.
10. Benhura, M. A. N., Muchuweti, M., Gombiro, P. E., & Benhura, C. (2013). Properties of (Parinari Curatellifolia)(Hacha or Chakata) Fruit from Different Parts of Harare, Zimbabwe. African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development, 13(4), 8004-8018.
11. Benhura, C., Rukuni, T., Kadema, C., Mubvakure, B., Nazare, R., Gombiro, P. E., ... & Madzima, A. (2012). Preservation of mango pulp of fruit from Rusitu Valley, Chimanimani in Zimbabwe. Pakistan Journal of Food Sciences, 22(4), 191-196.
12. Benhura, Chakare & Nyagura, S.F. & Dakwa, V. & Gombiro, Power & Ngwenyama, P. & Matanhire, R. & Garamukanwa, A. & Mudita, N. & Zhangazha, J. & Mashavira, W.. (2012). Food Service Quality Survey at the University of Zimbabwe Private Canteens. Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology. 4. 281-285.
13. Benhura, C., Benhura, M. A. N., Muchuweti, M., Nyagura, S. F., & Gombiro, P. E. (2012). Proximate analysis of Parinari curatellifolia fruit pulp of fruit from parts of Harare and a rural area in Zimbabwe. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 11(7), 541.
14. Benhura, C., Makamba, F., Mushanguri, G., Gumiro, N., & Muzivi, I. (2010). Yield analysis at a poultry processing plant in Harare, Zimbabwe. African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development, 10(10).

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