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Mr. Charles Dziro


MSc in Social Work; BSc in Social Work; Dipl in Social Work, D. Phil Candidate

Academic Appointments:


Research Interests:

Children and Families, Child Protection (Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children)

Faculty: Social Studies
Department: Department of Social Work
Research Category: Behavioral Sciences

Phone: +263 773 402 634

Chakanya, T.B., Dziro, C. (2014) Utility of National Residential Care Standards in Children’s Homes in Zimbabwe: A Case Study of one Children’s Home in Harare. Asian Academic Research Journal of Social Science and Humanities, 1(20), pp 362-385.

2. Chikwaiwa, B.K., Nyikahadzoi, K., Matsika A.B., Dziro, C. (2013) Factors that enhance intrapersonal wellness of orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC) in institutions and community-based settings in Zimbabwe. Journal of Social Development in Africa, 28(2), p. 53-72
3. Dziro, C., Makaruse, T. (2012) Substance Abuse by Rural High School Students: A case study of one High school Situated in Mutasa District in Rural Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research, 24(3), p. 244-264.
4. Dziro, C., Rufurwokuda, A. (2013) Post- Institution Integration Challenges Faced by Children Raised in Children’s Homes in Zimbabwe: The Case of Ex-girl Programme for one Children’s Home in Harare, Zimbabwe. Greener Journal of Social Sciences, 3(5), p. 249-255.

5. Dziro, C. (2013) Trends in Social Work Training and Education: The case of Zimbabwe. International Journal of Development and Sustainability, 2(2), p1423-1435
Dziro,C. (2014) A Study of Mental Health Requirements among Adolescent School Pupils in Chiredzi District, Masvingo Province. Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research, 26(3), p. 320-346)
6. Dziro, C. (2014) Community Development and Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case Study of Mining Companies in Zvishavane and Mutoko in Zimbabwe International Organization of Scientific Research Journal of Humanities And Social Science, 19(1) pp61-70.

7. Dziro, C.; Mtetwa, E.; Mukamuri B.;and Chikwaiwa B.K.(2014) Challenges faced by Western- Modeled residential care institutions in preparing residents for meaningful re-integration into society: A case study of a Harare based Children’s Home. Journal of Social Development in Africa, Volume 28 number 2 p.113-130
8. Dziro, C. and Motsi, P.D. (2015) Council of Social Work Module: Foundations and Development of Social Work Practice in Zimbabwe (CSW 2015)
Dziro,C. and Mhlanga, J.(2018) An Evaluation of the sustainability of kinship-based foster care system in Zimbabwe: A case study of households caring for orphans and other vulnerable children in Bikita ( Journal of Social Work in Africa Vol. 8(2) 2018.
9. Dziro, C.(2018) Challenges and Opportunities Experienced by Young Adults Transitioning out of informal Kinship-based Foster Care in Bikita District, Zimbabwe ( 2018) (Accepted-Emerging Adulthood).
10. Mapolisa, T.;Dziro, C.; Madzivire, N.C.; Chimbadzwa, Z.; and Chirimuuta, C. (2013) Our Children Our Future: Depriving the African Girl-Child Education: The Surest and Quickest Passport to Poverty. International Journal of Advanced Research, Dec 2013, Volume 1 Issue 10, pp 719-730
11. Mtetwa, E.; Dziro, C.; and Takaza,S. (2013) Poverty and Rural Development: Tapping from the Grassroots. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Invention Volume 2 Number 5 May 2013 p: 21-35.
12. Muchacha, M.; Dziro,C.and Mtetwa E.(2016). The Implications of Neoliberalism for the care of orphans in Zimbabwe: Challenges and Opportunities for Social Work Practice. AOTEROA NewsZealand Journal of Social Work Volume 28(2) 2016 p. 84-93
13. Nyikahadzoi, K; Zamasiya, B;Muchinako G.A.; and Dziro, C. (2013). Enhancing Social Protection Support for Improving Food Security Among the Elderly Headed House Hold in Communal Areas of Zimbabwe. Journal of Food Security March 2013 p: 46-54.
14. Dziro, C. (2013) Empowerment or Disempowerment? The Case of Children in Institutions in Zimbabwe Deutschland, Lambert Academic Publishing.

15. Mhlanga J and Dziro C. (2018) Analysing the effectiveness of foster care arrangement for unaccompanied refugee children at Tongogara Refugee camp, Zimbabwe. African Journal of Social Work Volume 8(2) p.29-37

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