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Dr. Tabeth Kaziboni


M. Ad, Ed, hons.- Adult Education(UNE); M. Ad. Ed. – Adult Education (UNE); Dip. Ad. Ed. – Adult Education(UZ)

Academic Appointments:

Research Interests:

Gender issues

Faculty: Education
Department: Adult Education
Research Category: Education


1. Kaziboni.T Picking up Threads: Women Pursuing Further Studies at the University of Zimbabwe. Studies in the Education of Adults, (2000) Vol. 32. No. 2.
2. Kaziboni.T The Impact of Gender Education on the Attitudes of Post-Independence Women in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research.(2002) Vol. 14. No. 2.
3. Shumba O, Kaziboni.T, and Chakuchichi D , Interventionist Participatory Methodology and Experiences of Involving Stakeholders in Providing and Vetting Information on Growing Up and Sexual Maturation. ZJER (2005) Vol. 17.No.2.
4. Shumba O, Kaziboni T, Manokore V , Chakuchichi D, Mhondoro ,Silitshena Sango G,Dhlomo T, and Dube R, Learning Opportunities and Gaps Concerning Growing Up and Sexual Maturation in the Primary School Syllabuses in Zimbabwe. ZJER (2005) Vol.17.No.2.
5. Shumba O, Kaziboni T, Manokore V.Chakuchichi D, Silitshena P, Sango G, Dhlomo T,and Dube R,
6. Knowledge, Perceptions and Attitudes About Growing Up and Sexual Maturation Among Primary School Children.ZJER (2005) Vol.17. No.2
7. Shumba O, Kaziboni T, Manokore V and Chakuchichi D;Stakeholder Constructions of an Interpretative Framework for a Growing Up and Sexual Maturation Oriented Curriculum. ZJER(2005) Vol.17. No. 2

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